Friday, March 7, 2008

Worldwide Poll: Do you read books often?

Yes: 50.1%
Not so much: 49.9%
Men: 45.1% 54.9%
Women: 59.1% 40.9%
Prediction Accuracy: 47.9%

This is another one of those non-Yes/No polls where the wording on the "No" is important. I honestly think that was a very important part of making this poll have such close results.

Closest Call as of 3/7/08.

National Poll: I'd prefer to live in a house that has a... Swimming pool or Large backyard.

Swimming pool: 54.3%
Large backyard: 45.7%
Men: 53.1% 46.9%
Women: 56.6% 43.4%
Prediction Accuracy: 73.8%

National Poll: Which leads you to more personal success? Who you know or What you know?

Who you know: 42.1%
What you know: 57.9%
Men: 41.8% 58.2%
Women: 42.8% 57.2%
Prediction Accuracy: 51.8%

National Poll: Have you traveled further than 100 miles to attend a sporting event?

Yes: 40.4%
Never: 59.6%
Men: 42.3% 57.7%
Women: 36.7% 63.3%
Prediction Accuracy: 49.1%

This is the first time I've ever seen a Yes/No question go Yes/Never. I wonder what that is trying to say for the person who wrote this. The statewide results for this are not surprising. The "Yes" states are pretty much all of the plain states where you have to travel pretty far to get to a big city. Can't think of too many major sports teams around those areas.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

National Poll: If you could fast-forward time, would you?

Yes: 46.2%
No: 53.8%
Men: 49.0% 51.0%
Women: 40.6% 59.4%
Prediction Accuracy: 38.5%

Interesting how 71.7% of people are OK with turning back time, but only 46.2% of people are OK with turning it forward. That must be because Back to the Future I & III were better movies than Back to the Future II.

PS-Happy 100th posting!

National Poll: When I come home I take off my shoes:

Yes: 81.8%
No: 18.2%
Men: 80.5% 19.5%
Women: 84.4% 15.6%
Prediction Accuracy: 82.4%