Wednesday, November 28, 2007

National Poll: Which is luckier? Four-leaf clover or Horseshoe?

Four-leaf clover: 86.4%
Horseshoe: 13.6%
Men: 87.0% 13.0%
Women: 85.2% 14.8%
Prediction Accuracy: 87.6%

Held the "Most One-Sided" title from 1/6/08-1/16/08. This is the first poll to win that title.

National Poll: You're thirsty for milk, but there's not enough for a full glass. What do you do? Drink something else or Drink what's left?

Drink something else: 25.9%

Drink what's left: 74.1%
Men: 25.3% 74.7%
Women: 27.4% 72.6%
Prediction Accuracy: 73.9%

National Poll: Which do you consider the first day of the week? Sunday or Monday?

Sunday: 42.5%
Monday: 57.5%
Men: 42.4% 57.6%
Women: 42.7% 57.3%
Prediction Accuracy: 59.3%

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

National Poll: What do you think of suntans? Healthy glow or Bad for skin?

Healthy Glow: 42.0%
Bad for skin: 58.0%
Men: 42.7% 57.3%
Women: 40.4% 59.6%
Prediction Accuracy: 44.5%

National Poll: Where do you wear your watch? Left wrist or Right wrist?

Left wrist: 64.8%
Right wrist: 35.2%
Men: 65.1% 34.9%
Women: 64.1% 35.9%
Prediction Accuracy: 69.8%

National Poll: Which would you rather do? Invent something new or Discover something rare?

Invent something new: 60.5%
Discover something rare: 39.5%
Men: 64.7% 35.3%
Women: 50.3% 49.7%
Prediction Accuracy: 67.3%

Worldwide Poll: Have you ever flown on an airplane before?

Yes: 81.3%
No: 18.7%
Men: 81.0% 19.0%
Women: 81.9% 18.1%
Prediction Accuracy: 81.9%

Thursday, November 15, 2007

More results found.

Occasionally during my random web-browsing moments, I come across another website with some posted results for Everybody Votes questions. This time, I found them at a relatively unknown blog on Nintendo Wii news called The name of the blog itself seems to have nothing to do with its content, but in the end I'm OK with that. He has a few questions that I don't have archived. You can rest assured that I have them backed up, but rather than stealing his work and posting it up here, I'd just as soon have you go to his site. Questions include:

How do you feel about your name?
Do you read the newspaper every day?
Do aliens exist?
And others...

Click on the "Archive" label if you're interested in a few other questions that I found on someone else's site.

National Poll: How do you react to thunder and lightning? Fascinates me or Scares me?

Fascinates me: 75.6%
Scares me: 24.4%
Men: 81.6% 18.4%
Women: 61.3% 38.7%
Prediction Accuracy: 53.7%

National Poll: Which kind of water tastes better? Tap water or Bottled water?

Tap water: 22.9%
Bottled water: 77.1%
Men: 24.3% 75.7%
Women: 19.4% 80.6%
Prediction Accuracy: 88.8%

I guess we're just unrefined. Or maybe our tap water doesn't come out brown, so we'd prefer free over $1 a bottle. Sometimes I just don't like bottled water because it tastes like plastic water. How would you have voted?

National Poll: Which would you rather dive into? A swimming pool full of Spaghetti or Vanilla pudding?

Spaghetti: 28.1%
Vanilla Pudding: 71.9%
Men: 27.8% 72.2%
Women: 28.6% 71.4%
Prediction Accuracy: 78.1%

Some times I really wonder why Nintendo picks some of these stupid questions...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Worldwide Poll: How many people do you live with? Four or more or Three or less?

Four or more: 50.3%

Three or less: 49.7%
Men: 49.7% 50.3%
Women: 51.7% 48.3%
Prediction Accuracy: 61.9%

This poll held the "Closest Call" title from 1/16/08-2/18/08.

National Poll: Which is colder? South Poll or North Poll?

South Poll: 62.3%
North Poll: 37.7%
Men: 63.7% 36.3%
Women: 58.7% 41.3%
Prediction Accuracy: 50.1%

Almost an upset. Interesting...

Excerpt from Jennifer Armstrong's Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World:

Just Imagine yourself in the most hostile place on earth. It's not the Sahara or the Gobi Desert. It's not the Arctic. The most hostile place on earth is the Antarctic, the location of the South Pole. North Pole, South Pole--what's the difference? The Arctic is mostly water--with ice on top, of course--and that ice is never more than a few feet thick. But under the South Pole lies a continent that supports glaciers up to two miles in depth. [...] And of all the weather [the world] creates, the weather the Antarctic creates for itself is by far the worst. In the winter, the temperature can sink to 100 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Cold air masses sliding down the sides of the glaciers speed up until they become winds of close to 200 miles per hour.

And I could go on and on quoting the first chapter of the book, but I think you get the picture. It pays to read (or Google it, I guess).

On a side note, Shipwreck is a fascinating read about a crew trying to be the first to reach the South Pole. Along the way they're shipwrecked (bad news after that little snippet above). Not to spoil anything for you (considering it's on the first page of the book, it could hardly be that), but they all survive! It's especially neat, because they had a photographer along with them the whole time, so there's some pretty neat pictures as well. Take a look!

National Poll: Do you wear a costume on Halloween?

Yes: 57.9%

No: 42.1%
Men: 56.5% 43.5%
Women: 61.1% 38.9%
Prediction Accuracy: 83.2%

My wife is mad at me because I accidentally voted on the wrong side. She's been wearing a Halloween costume religiously since she was a little girl. I haven't been doing too badly these last few years either. That's what I get for hitting submit without checking my answers. I fail.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and South Dakota's a bunch of rebels!

National Poll: Which kind of Halloween costume do you prefer? Scary costumes or Funny costumes?

Scary costumes: 43.0%

Funny costumes: 57.0%
Men: 46.3% 53.7%
Women: 34.9% 65.1%
Prediction Accuracy: 40.1%