Sunday, December 30, 2007

National Poll: How many keys do you have on your key ring? Less than three or Three or more?

Less than three: 41.0%
Three or more: 59.0%
Men: 41.8% 58.2%
Women: 39.1% 60.9%
Prediction Accuracy: 79.9%

National Poll: Do you take daily vitamin supplements?

Yes: 33.1%
No: 66.9%
Men: 31.6% 68.4%
Women: 36.4% 63.6%
Prediction Accuracy: 68.8%

National Poll: How often do you get your hair cut? Every 2 months or less Or Longer than 2 months?

Every 2 months or less: 42.0%
Longer than 2 months: 58.0%
Men: 49.6% 50.4%
Women: 24.7% 75.3%
Prediction Accuracy: 43.0%

National Poll: Can you name all of your father's uncles?

Yes: 18.8%
No: 81.2%
Men: 18.5% 81.5%
Women: 19.7% 80.3%
Prediction Accuracy: 82.6%

The only way I can think of someone honestly answering "yes" to this poll is if they're really into genealogy or if their father had no uncles. But then, that's probably why the percentage is so small.

National Poll: Do you blow bubbles with your gum?

Yes: 65.8%
No: 34.2%
Men: 62.2% 37.8%
Women: 74.0% 26.0%
Prediction Accuracy: 76.9%

National Poll: How do you get your news? Online or Television?

Online: 47.3%
Television: 52.7%
Men: 48.9% 51.1%
Women: 43.9% 56.1%
Prediction Accuracy: 53.6%

Worldwide Poll: Do you believe ghosts exist?

I hope your Christmas was as great as mine! Now, back to business.

Yes: 52.5%
No: 47.5%
Men: 48.9% 51.1%
Women: 59.8% 40.2%
Prediction Accuracy: 55.1%

Saturday, December 15, 2007

How is your prediction accuracy?

Well, I've been meaning to ask this question for a while now. Mine has definitely dropped since I started this blog but I appear to be much more in tune than I was before. How are you doing? Post up pictures or percentages in the comments. I want to see how good some of you are!

Here are mine and my wife's in case you're curious.

Adventures in the Check Mii Out Channel

So, if you actually have been using your Wii lately, you're probably familiar with the new Check Mii Out channel. If not, you should be! Otherwise, how would you have such an interesting experience as my wife and I did today? So, we were judging the contest for "The Biggest Bully Ever." After we had picked three pretty good candidates, we decided to keep looking just in case we saw something better than what we had. Well, we came across these three guys in a row:
Look familiar? How about a closer look:
George W.?
Chuck Norris?

This struck me as rather hilarious and I had to share. The fact that they were all in a row was what shocked me the most.

National Poll: Would you rather be . . . 20 IQ points smarter or 20 lbs. lighter?

20 IQ points smarter: 66.0%
20 lbs. lighter: 34.0%
Men: 70.7% 29.3%
Women: 55.2% 44.8%
Prediction Accuracy: 46.8%

Worldwide Poll: Do you have a pet?

Yes: 64.8%

No: 35.2%
Men: 64.2% 35.8%
Women: 65.9% 34.1%
Prediction Accuracy: 79.8%

National Poll: Do you floss every day?

Yes: 15.4%
No: 84.6%
Men: 14.0% 86.0%
Women: 18.8% 81.2%
Prediction Accuracy: 82.6%

I've never seen the country map so green. I'm still trying to figure out if this says something about the American public or our views about the dental system/personal hygiene.

National Poll: If you forgot a loved one's birthday, would you: Make up a lie or Tell the truth?

Make up a lie: 28.4%
Tell the truth: 71.6%
Men: 29.9% 70.1%
Women: 24.8% 75.2%
Prediction Accuracy: 52.9%

Interesting. So, apparently most of us tell the truth, but we think everyone else lies. I guess that's not too surprising. Do we cynically think that everyone is out to get us or lie to us? Is that why there's such a large difference between the actual liars (28%) and the one's we think are liars (53%)?

National Poll: Which could you do without if you had to? Running water or Electricity?

Running water: 42.1%

Electricity: 57.9%
Men: 45.0% 55.0%
Women: 35.3% 64.7%
Prediction Accuracy: 52.7%

Of course, if I didn't have electricity, I couldn't update this blog for you...

National Poll: Which would you rather be? Taller or Thinner?

Taller: 47.9%
Thinner: 52.1%
Men: 54.2% 45.8%
Women: 33.6% 66.4%
Prediction Accuracy: 71.9%

National Poll: What do you think of sushi? Delicious or Uncooked fish?

Delicious: 45.3%
Uncooked Fish: 54.7%
Men: 46.0% 54.0%
Women: 43.9% 56.1%
Prediction Accuracy: 52.9%