Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Labels for Interesting Polls

In light of recent polls, I've decided to add four specialty labels for polls of interest, those being the Best Predicted, the Worst Predicted, the Closest Call, and the Most One-Sided polls. These labels will change as new results may call for it. You can find all the labels on the right side as you scroll down from the top and link by subject.


earthboundkid said...

It's possible to use the stats from EV to figure out the ratio of males to females voting in the polls. Check out my page, where I've been keeping track of the statistics for a while:

Tom said...

Do you happen to have all of the information logged or are you just tracking male/female voters? I'd be interested in getting info from you if you have the whole polls saved.

earthboundkid said...

Sorry, I just have the info that's posted online. :( Still, better than nothing, right?