Wednesday, February 6, 2008

National Poll: A cheesecake is... A pie or A cake?

A pie: 42.2%
A cake: 57.8%
Men: 40.4% 59.6%
Women: 45.9% 54.1%
Prediction Accuracy: 66.4%

This particular poll's results were shocking to me. Cheesecake must then be the only cake in the world with a graham cracker crust. I can think of a few cakes with similar consistency, but not quite so that they leave the "cake" category for me like cheesecake does. Does the word "cake" in the name really determine what it is? Is it that word that separates Pumpkin Pie from Chessecake (which for me are practically the same texturally)? Any thoughts on the matter?

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