Wednesday, November 28, 2007

National Poll: Which is luckier? Four-leaf clover or Horseshoe?

Four-leaf clover: 86.4%
Horseshoe: 13.6%
Men: 87.0% 13.0%
Women: 85.2% 14.8%
Prediction Accuracy: 87.6%

Held the "Most One-Sided" title from 1/6/08-1/16/08. This is the first poll to win that title.


Dave Y. said...

Hey man, I took all your poll posts so far (looks like 45) and slapped them in a spreadsheet. I know the information is publicly available, but is it OK if I use your data to write a post on my blog?

( is my blog.)

Your blog is great, by the way. You had the only site I could find (and I looked pretty hard) with any real Everybody Votes data. I've got a Wii too and I'm totally addicted to voting. I'd have written about Everybody Votes earlier, but I figured I'd never find any data out there to use, and I was too lazy to compile it myself. :)

(I checked out those other voting data links you posted too, but they don't have nearly as much (10 questions total or so) data as you.)

- Dave Younskevicius

BPM said...

Cool blog you have here, but might I recommend using a video input device for your PC, so you'd get higher quality screenshots?

I use a GameBridge for all of my screenshots. While it may not be the BEST quality, it certainly does a good job (and it's only $18 at Amazon). It allows for RCA A/V and S-Video input.
There's also one with coax video in addition (GameBridge TV) for $29, but I prefer the quality of S-Video/RCA over coax, anyways. Plus, it's cheaper.

Just to show you an example of the quality of the GameBridge, here are screenshots of some Miis I've made (the screenshots are not altered, except for being trimmed down to the Miis' faces).

Tom said...

@dave y.
All I ask is for credit for having collected it, especially if there's a link for a redirect to my page. The information is publicly available (if you own a Wii, anyway), but disappears after a period of time and can't really be found elsewhere. Nintendo supposedly, from my interactions in writing to them, doesn't track this information. They at least don't have it stored anywhere that the public can get access to it easily. So, in short, do with it what you please, but please take into consideration the time and effort I have put in to collecting it. That's all I ask.

Thanks for your interest, btw! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who seems to really enjoy the channel.

Not bad. My biggest problem usually has been pricing, but those two seem manageable. In the past, a lot of those devices I've looked at start aroun $80 and go up from there. That's good information and I might start pinching pennies or begging for Christmas presents.

In the meantime, I'm just going to have to continue to use digital camera off-screen shots. College has to come before toys, if you know what I mean, and most of my spare money goes towards the purchase of new games rather than stuff to support the blog. If the ads on the site actually start bringing in revenue, that could change things, but traffic around these parts is pretty slow going.


Dave Y. said...

I absolutely plan to link you and give you as much credit as possible on my site. Like I said, I think this stuff is great. Thanks again for your efforts.

That's too bad about Nintendo not tracking it much themselves. I was wondering about that too.

If you want the spreadsheet I made (or the method I used to parse out your blog), I plan on putting it up as part of my post and I'll give you a holler when I do (very likely this Thursday).

Dave Y. said...

Hey Tom, I made a post based on your data tonight:

As you can see, I definitely made sure to give you credit. In fact, your data was so good I had to split my analysis into 2 posts. :) Thanks again!

Dave Y. said...

Here's the other part, which I posted tonight:

Cherice said...

Have you thought about turning this into a bona fide research project?